Candela, Fuerza y Pasión

Candela Fuerza y Pasión is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying projects of my artistic career. Being able to study, learn, respect and value a culture; learning from its people, its gastronomy, its cultural, social, economic and other needs, nurtured the desire to communicate and to tell and awaken an authentic story, making a hybrid of Peruvian folklore using the formula of musical theater. To this day I consider Candela Fuerza y Pasión one of the most complete projects of my career, having had the opportunity to work on this project as a writer, director and choreographer.   /Luis Salgado/


Salgado Productions was created to be bold in its theatrical approach via a horizontal creative platform under a vertical vision of process and structure. Everyone collaborates under a clear vision and path toward the celebration and echo of passionate voices and stories that need to be told.

Founded through Luis’ desire to create a venue where everyone shares the opportunity to grow, give purpose to the process and vice versa while opening doors for performers, writers and musicians to share the joy of making art that inspires, educates, and entertains with quality through a true process.