“With more than 10 years experience of producing, we take care of all artistic and technical details necessary to bring our projects to life exactly as the creative team has imagined”

Salgado Productions has produced and, partnered to stage live theatrical works, concerts and artistic events that impact our society and deliver successful results. We take charge of all production logistics and care for every detail to assure the process quality goes beyond all expectations. Allowing clients and artists to trust in the final results of the work created.

“Salgado Productions works alongside your company from the beginning, integrating every component to creatively transform any project into reality”

The creative team analyzes all angles, exploring purpose and pushing everyone to rethink outside the box to deep search and discover the meaning of every project we work on. Salgado Productions gives you the tools to build a professional team you can trust without judgment. Whether it is through acting, dance, singing or music, or lighting, scenic, producing strategy or script writing, we bring to life the vision of the story telling to achieve the goals set for each project.

“Choreography is one of the most powerful tools we use to communicate the message and experience  to  move the hearts and souls of the audience”

We develop concepts and work hand in hand with the music department, directors and writers to create movements that support and amplify the depth and power of the characters, the conflict and the hero’s  journey.

We fuse the knowledge of theatrical codes, contemporary languages, urban feels and a worldly latin understanding of culture and historical backgrounds. When it comes to commercial productions we give high value entertainment in choreography, but never leaving the search for purpose and meaning.

“SP Professional Workshops are based on an innovative methodology that leads  students and artists to an inner discovery”

The workshops develop artistic talents by stimulating listening and teamwork, enhancing the personal and professional growth of the participants, expanding the horizon of opportunities.

Classes are given by Broadway and international professionals, who apply SP’s unique methodology inspired by different
techniques, which is the result of years of artistic-educational development.

“We provide the home and resources in the developmental process of new stories whether it be musicals, plays, dance or the vision of an artist/s”

Our dedication to developing art with a purpose leads us to new stories generating opportunities for writers, composers, performers and artists. Salgado Productions tailors the creation and  evelopmental process through research and identification of the individual needs of communities, to expose unheard voices.

“A creative theatrical music investigation of cultural identity told by storytellers of different backgrounds and mediums. This is a process-focused project where all collaborators bring their own unique point of view and together create an interchange of expressions by mixing styles, traditions, and genres. The goal is to share the importance and legitimacy of different voices and facilitate a space where they can shine in their essence”.


Ernesto Hermoza

James Rushin

Julie Freundt

Ricky Romano

Clay Ostwald

Junior Pacora

Walter Bobby McCoy

Daniel Gutiérrez