FAME, The Musical


2020 Helen Hayes Award


FAME The Musical at Gala Theater was our second opportunity to share the important representation of Latin American voices in the United States in Washington D.C. The questions I asked while in development were: What would happen if the Fame school opened its doors to Latin American students? How does the school change its students and how does its students change the school?. This gave us an opportunity to not only do a bilingual translation, between Spanish and English, but to really focus on representing the cultural realities and values necessary for our modern audiences and actors. At the same time it gave us a chance to expand voices with a memorable ensemble of characters celebrating not only Latin American

diversity, but also an acceptance of gender, sexual preferences, the values of the LGTB community, the importance of HARD WORK among other issues that we manage to touch on for audiences of all ages. /Luis Salgado/


Salgado Productions ‘Fame’ Is Full of Heart at GALA Hispanic Theatre
Fame’s’ choreography is so crisp, so vivid and alive, that the excitement pulsates off the stage and straight into your heart.” – D.C Metro

Fame the Musical is “an act of rebellion and an act of love.”  This is how Colombia-born Latino actor Carlos Salazar describes GALA Hispanic Theatre’s latest bilingual (Spanish and English) musical, directed by Luis Salgado. – D.C Theatre Scene