In The Heights


2018 Helen Hayes Award

The U.S.A Premiere of the Spanish version of In The Heights at the Gala Theatre was our first opportunity to make a statement, only miles away from the White House where President Trump had just been elected on a platform that disvalued the Latin American presence in the country. This production at GALA attracted a new and diverse group of theatre-goers, expanding the audience and awareness of the Theatre’s legacy. We deepened the cultural conflicts in the show,  making the character of Benny an extremely important protagonist in the dichotomy of the immigrant experience. The actor who portrayed Benny was cast as the only non-Spanish speaker. Through the actor’s rehearsal/character development process he really had to fight to be part of the Latino community, transferring the responsibility of perspective to the public of what the immigrant experience is in the United States. /Luis Salgado/


Salgado Productions was created to be bold in its theatrical approach via a horizontal creative platform under a vertical vision of process and structure. Everyone collaborates under a clear vision and path toward the celebration and echo of passionate voices and stories that need to be told.

Founded through Luis’ desire to create a venue where everyone shares the opportunity to grow, give purpose to the process and vice versa while opening doors for performers, writers and musicians to share the joy of making art that inspires, educates, and entertains with quality through a true process.