MATILDA, The Musical

Matilda was important precisely in changing the perception or status-quo of the show, where the main character stopped being “just a girl without the love of her parents” and became the representation of an immigrant within her own family.Taking a page from the movie we moved the setting from England to New Jersey, with a more diverse community thus achieving the presence of the librarian from Mexico creating  a parallel reflection of Matilda, two immigrants who meet and help each other. The librarian is the first to character that offer Matilda  the opportunity to learn and imagine. In our production the this woman who is an immigrant and society does not allow us embrace became the angel of hope and growth in Matilda’s life, which is later re-inforced by her school teacher Ms. Honey. – L. Salgado –


“Magical and Brilliant!” Matilda the Musical at Deal Park, NJ’s Axelrod PAC – New Jersey Stage

“This production is a labor of love where we want to empower the next generation of young artists. We have a diverse cast of 36 including 20 kids, which is a mix of both equity players and local children,” Salgado reveals, “We built this show in nine days. The energy of the children is amazing. We are very proud of all of our young actors — our ‘little giants’ — and I’m so grateful for their commitment and hard work and, also, for the support of their parents.”