Zuccotti Park

Zuccotti Park has been one of the opportunities within Salgado Productions to develop a production in development time and time again. We not only participate in one Festival, but we participate in several, having the opportunity to help authors continue discovering their own material, develop the character arc, ask ourselves why history is relevant in our America today and achieve echo the political and economic debacle that exists in the United States. /Luis Salgado/


“I feel that if it were not for Salgado Productions, we might not be doing this play at all in the Venus Adonis Festival. We are in California, and there’s no way we could produce “Zuccotti Park” from here.  It’s such a relief, after working so hard,  to hand over your musical and know that it is in capable hands, and you can trust that it will turn out to be a professional presentation that you can be proud of.” – Vatrena King (Zuccotti Park Composer)

“I loved the work. It’s amazing how you get to do so much with so little, and how effective it is when the direction of a text is based on truth honesty, and emotions are focused onthe real experiences of the human being (as it applies and impact everyone – without prejudice, preconceptions or agendas), the result is extraordinary! The work is focused on a very huge in the love for the craft and humanity, and I’m deeply touched” – Javier E. Gomez (Translated to English form original review in Spanish)

“I learned more about the reasons this movement came about in 90 minutes than I could have imagined. And, I learned it all through the power and beauty of music, song and dance. Luis Salgado and Company do a spectacularly brilliant job of helping us understand the multi facets of Occupy on all sides.” – Priscilla Hernandez

“I saw tonight was the most heartfelt, raw and poignant show I have seen in a VERY long time. The young cast had poured it’s heart and soul into this work, and there was NOT a false note either sung or said during the whole night. Luis Salgado looked deep into the work and created images and moments that were powerful, touching, and literally had me in tears 3 times during the night. The music is BEAUTIFUL, and flowing and breaths life into the characters as their words flow into song, and spoken conversation.” – Michael Maples